Find Joy in Little Things

Being happy doesn’t always have to come from something extravagant. Finding joy in the little things in life can act as baby steps to being happy more often. Working full time can easily make you become overwhelmed and consumed by the projects you’re working on. When that happens, it can be hard to take a step back and appreciate things happening in your life or something that may have made you happy without knowledge. Recently, I started to take pride in finding joy in small events that happen each day. If I knew I was eating out for the day, trying to pick a place that I love to eat at would make me happy. Accomplishing everything on my to do list for the week, or even hearing a song I used to love but haven’t heard in a while put a smile on my face. When you reflect back on your day, think about what made you smile and how you felt. The reflection makes you realize that even the problems you face in life, can’t compare to the joy you faced while appreciating a small moment.

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