Are we all problematic?

The word problematic has new meaning. What was once a word known for something being hard or difficult, it is now known as a synonym for messy or offensive. People will tell you you are problematic if you have done something to offend, either purposely or unknowingly. I’d like to think that the problematic people most likely cause offense because they just don’t know. And with the ever changing rules of society it is hard to know what is right and what is wrong. But, chances are we have all probably said something ignorant based off of our lack of knowledge on something. The truth is, nobody is perfect and no one knows everything. So, we’re all bound to make a few mistakes along the way right? When you appear ignorant on a topic you were never educated on it is called problematic. But instead of teaching people or teaching ourselves, society deems us as problematic. But if no one ever learns from there mistakes then we’re just left with a bunch of problematic people everywhere. The test is how we choose to educate ourselves going forward and use our new found knowledge to continue to educate others along the way. Each one teach one can help us all be better and less problematic as society would call it.

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