The term soulmate is used to describe someone who is your other half. Someone who you experience a divine connection with that can never die no matter the shifts in the relationship or life. As of late, I have been thinking about the word soulmate more than ever. After the passing of the late great Nipsey Hussle, soulmate has been a word in conversation due to the relationship he and Lauren London shared. They were soulmates and there is an outpouring of love that is being sent to her is due to the heartbreak she and so many others are feeling. So what happens when you lose your soulmate? The love for that person is eternal. If you should choose to seek out love again, it may be hard to love someone the way you love your soulmate. The other person will have to be so understanding in this regard, but if they are not and feel as though you are half loving them, does this mean your soulmate becomes your sole mate? How you live life after losing a connection so eternal depends on the person of course. I believe that you can and should love again, because everyone deserves love. However, love comes in different forms. Most of the time we think of love between two people romantically. But the love can come from family, friends and even strangers. If you lose your soul mate, it is important to know that all is not lost. Just remember what you lose, you gain in something else.  Maybe a new hobby, a new ritual, book, or outlook will enter your life and your soulmate will be watching you every step of the way.  After all, it isn’t good bye it is simply see you later.

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