Good things come to those who do

After watching Beyoncé’s Homecoming documentary, it was clear to me that she has the best work ethic in the game. Although only performing for two Coachella shows, she trained as if she was embarking on a World Tour. The perseverance and dedication she gave to her Coachella performance is something to admire. After watching I started to think that good things do come to those who wait but they also come to those who are doing.

It is so easy to sit back and think that because you are a good person everything you pray for or put out into the universe will come back to you. However, if you are not also working toward your goals you won’t see the results you want. Doing is just as important as being. Things don’t happen unless you manifest. It is safe to say that Beyoncè manifested an amazing Coachella performance because she worked hard to get there. Start doing and pushing yourself to see how much you can achieve. You might shock yourself but most importantly you Might gain everything you wanted.

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