Meatless May!

For those of you who know, I was a pescatarian for a year before deciding to eat meat again in February of this year. After indulging in everything I couldn’t have over the past year, I decided to test myself again by ditching meat for the month! For the month of May, I will not be eating meat. My reasoning for being a pescatarian was to be healthier. Although I did become and feel healthier I also lacked some of the nutrients found in meat. I want to get back to feeling lighter and healthier without the consumption of meat. The temptation of chicken has already been haunting me during this challenge but I am determined to stay composed. I also want to open the challenge up to anyone looking to cut meat out of their diet but looking for the right time. Why not start now? Whether it be a day, week, or the full month, challenge yourself to a new beginning. You never know what “May” come of it!

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