Be confident in what you say

It is important to stand your ground with your words. Meaning what you say and not retracting your statements is key in building confidence. If you said it you should mean it. It is so easy to overthink and want to take back what you have said because you are not confident in it. Be... Continue Reading →

Shift Your Attitude

You have one life to live, why waste it being in an uncomfortable mood all day? Unpredictable things happen every day, and it is more than valid to be upset, angry, or frustrated. However, when you let these emotions control you and how you move everyday, you are letting those emotions have control over you.... Continue Reading →

Rise Above Procrastination

Procrastination is the one thing that stops us from doing what we need to do. Putting everything off until tomorrow or next week just builds more to do’s later. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to get everything out of the way and relax later? One would think. But, relaxing in the moment sounds better... Continue Reading →

Women’s March NYC 2019

On January 19, 2019 I attended my first Women's March in New York City. The atmosphere was nothing short of passion and warmth. Warmth, coming from the hundreds of thousands of women embracing other women. Smiles and excitement poured through the crowd as we marched against different policies, personal reasons, and most importantly for the... Continue Reading →

Cancel Culture

Since the days of social media, it seems as though cancel culture has become more important. What is it you may ask? Cancel culture is the act of cancelling a celebrity because of past offensive behavior or tweets. Yes, I add tweets. Cancel Culture can be found in other phrashes such as “cancelled.” Most use... Continue Reading →

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