Meatless May!

For those of you who know, I was a pescatarian for a year before deciding to eat meat again in February of this year. After indulging in everything I couldn't have over the past year, I decided to test myself again by ditching meat for the month! For the month of May, I will not... Continue Reading →

Bio Hacking?

If you spend alot of time reading articles like me, than you have probably heard this term before. Bio Hacking sounds terrifying. Yet, it is actually super simple. Bio Hacking is simply, hacking our bodies biology to make changes to our bodies that will help us feel better in the long run. This usually has... Continue Reading →

Favorite substitutes for meat

As you may or may not know, I started my journey of becoming a Vegetarian at the beginning of the year. Since doing so, I found that what made my transition easier is finding different substitutes for meat that I enjoyed. In doing so, I was able to know what I liked and it has... Continue Reading →

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