Are we all problematic?

The word problematic has new meaning. What was once a word known for something being hard or difficult, it is now known as a synonym for messy or offensive. People will tell you you are problematic if you have done something to offend, either purposely or unknowingly. I'd like to think that the problematic people... Continue Reading →

Normalizing Being Alone

Why is it that society often views someone being alone as weird or uncommon? Being alone is often a choice one has made. So to look down upon it as if it is a negative can be offensive to the person you are judging for being by themselves. The problem is that we associate being... Continue Reading →

Lost ones

Social Media. Trends. Validity. What's it all for? I relinquish my time and my energy. Two things that I need and can't always get back In the end, is this what makes me happy? Comparing, Judging, and Watching Telling myself to do more yet I don't This app is free but it comes with a... Continue Reading →

Societal Pressure

Societal pressures, due to societal efforts I am giving and I don't want to give in Because I don't know where that may lead Will I be alive? Or remain an outlier. Life is not clear, or at least not at first. You go through trials, tribulations and get hurt. And then question why. Why... Continue Reading →

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