Meatless May!

For those of you who know, I was a pescatarian for a year before deciding to eat meat again in February of this year. After indulging in everything I couldn't have over the past year, I decided to test myself again by ditching meat for the month! For the month of May, I will not... Continue Reading →

I eat meat again!

One year after I decided to be a pescatarian I made the decision to eat meat once again. The decision to eat meat was not hard at all. In fact, it was more spontaneous than anything. For the past 2 months I had been secretly craving to eat meat. For a whole year I had... Continue Reading →

Favorite substitutes for meat

As you may or may not know, I started my journey of becoming a Vegetarian at the beginning of the year. Since doing so, I found that what made my transition easier is finding different substitutes for meat that I enjoyed. In doing so, I was able to know what I liked and it has... Continue Reading →

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